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SLCHEM® Pure Demineralized Water

Demineralized water is water that has been purified in such a way that (most of) its minerals and salt ions are removed.

Uses of Demineralized Water:

This water is used in laboratory applications and testing; also in carwashes. It can be used as wash water for computer chip manufacture. There are also automotive uses; such as lead-acid batteries and cooling systems; such as boiler feeds, in laser cutting. It can also be used for the optimization of fuel cells, in steam irons; and much more! Our de-ionized water is of the highest quality; which has been put through a process of de-ionization to provide water that can be used in the pharmaceutical, industrial. And also it is used in the commercial products industry. De-ionized water has been treated. This is to remove most of the corrosive impurities present in untreated water; and this means it is ideal for use in vehicle batteries and radiators. Also as well as domestic appliances; including steam irons to prevent furring and scale formation.

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1Liter, 5Liter, 500ML


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